IQMA - Instituto de Química Molecular Aplicada


The Institute of Applied Molecular Chemistry is located in the Polythecnical University of Valencia in Valencia (Spain). The laboratories are equipped with all the facilities necessary to their daily work such as synthesis, preparation of compounds and materials, characterization, etc; related to the research lines of the Institute. For example: fume hood of gas extraction, safety fridges and cupboards for storage of reagents, equipment for synthesis and purification as stirrers, heaters, vacuum distillers, vacuum pumps, filtering systems, cromatography, etc. Furthermore, the Institute has access to diverse characterisation and analysis equipment which cover most of the Institute research needs.

Equipment for molecular characterization. Most of the Institute potential is centrad on the synthesis of new compounds. The Institute has staff and equipment necessary for the design and organic synthesis of new molecular compounds so it does not depend on third party synthesis. The Institute has all the equipment necessary to perform synthesis of organic products and the equipments necessary their complete characterization.

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with 1H and 13C probes, Varian Gemini 300
  • Sigle crystal X-ray, Siemens P4
  • Absorption Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 UV/vis
  • Fourier transformation based Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTir), Jasco FT/IR-460plus
  • Potentiostat for amperometric and polarografic analysis. Methrom.
  • Automatic titration equipment with potentiometric and photometric detection systems, Methrom.

Equipment for materials characterisation. The Institute has a great experience on the synthesis of new materials. The Institute has staff and equipment enough for design and synthesis of new inorganic materials by its own. In fact, the Institute has the equipment necessary to perform synthesis of materials and instruments necessary for characterisation.

  • Termogravimetric Analysis Mettler Toledo TGA/SDTA 851e connected to a mass detector Pfeiffer Vacuum Thermostar.
  • Powder X-ray diffractometer
  • Absorption Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 UV/vis with integration sphere
  • Electronic microscopy instrumentations. SEM, TEM, AFM.

Equipment for the characterization of electrochemical and optical properties in solution. The Institute possesses scientific tools for the characterization of the electrochemical and optical properties (absorption and fluorescence) of products and materials. It allows to research on the development of electrochemical or chromogenic and fluorogenic molecular probes for the recognition and the detection of interesting chemical species. Besides, the Institute has automatic titration equipment available to perform aqueous solution studies related to the determination of stability constants of complexes with metals or selected anions.

  • Fluorometer Edinburgh Instruments FS900CDT steady state T-Geometry
  • Fluorometer Edinburgh Instruments FS900CDT time resolved T-Geometry
  • Luminescence spectrometer
  • Filter fluorimeter. Turner
  • Luminometer, Turner
  • Spectrophotometer UV/vis equipped with diode detector, Hewlett Packard
  • Spectrophotometer UV/vis equipped with diode detector, Agilent 8453
  • Spectrophotometer UV/vis , Pye-Unicam
  • Potentiostat/galvanostat AUTOLAB (electrochemical characterization of compounds, determination of oxidation and reduction potential, etc.)
  • Automatic titration equipment with potentiometric detector (for determination of binding constants of ligands and metals and / or anions).

Immunoassay equipment. One of our strategic bet is to improve our potential in production and development of immunoassay technologies as a selective and advanced system of analysis. The Institute has been developing advances in this line during the last years and has the skills necessary to develop services in this area.

  • ELISA micropleate with UV/vis's, fluorescence, phosphorescence, time resolved fluorescence and luminescence detectors. Wallac.
  • CCD camera for microarray reading.
  • Special CD reader for containing CDs based microarrays.
  • CDs and plates printer.

Purification and chemical analysis equipment. Some of the skills of the Applied Molecular Chemistry Institute is related to chemical analysis. There are several researchers experienced in analytical chemistry with a great experience in analysis of samples derived from research tasks and obtained by companies of diverse sectors, included environment and food sectors. The Institute equipment relation with separation and analysis are:

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer, Perkin Elmer
  • ICP emission spectrometer, Spectro.
  • Gas Chromatograph Carlo Erba Instruments 8000 series coupled with mass detector Trace DSQ.
  • 2 Gas Chromatograph Hewlett Packard 5890
  • Gas Chromatograph Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II with automatic injector.
  • HPLC with photodiode detector Waters 600.
  • Gas Chromatograph with ECD and FID detector, Fissons
  • HPLC with con UV/vis and luminiscence detector, Agilent
  • Capillary electrophoresis with UV/vis and fluorescence detector, Beckman.
  • Ionic Chromatography with conductivity detector, Dionex.
  • Digestor, Tecator
  • Nitrogen analyser, Tecator

Equipment for the development of microelectronic thick-film devices. The group of Hybrid Technology assigned to IQMA has experience in designing and manufacturing of electronic devices. It is able to  elaborate devices based on thick-film technologies. This technology has a wide field of application and allows the development of electronic miniaturized low-cost systems. The Institute has the following equipment for the design and manufacturing of thick-film microelectronic systems:

  • Screen processing room.
  • Serigraphy room.
  • Ovens room.