IQMA - Instituto de Química Molecular Aplicada

The Institute of Applied Molecular Chemistry (IQMA), is a research and education institute focused on the development of chemical sensors (optical, electrochemical and biosensors), new materials, analytical methodologies and microelectronics equipments.

It was formed as Research Institute at the beginning of 2005 and it is composed by three R+D groups with more than 40 researchers and students of diverse fields of analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry, electronics and the engineering, with more than 25 years of experience in research

The aim of IQMA is the transfer of knowledge to the society by means of specialised formation, R+D projects, technological services and transfer of technology.

Published a new article related with the CD based detection system. Media related articles: TechNewsWatch. Sciencedaily. Physorg. Spinneret. Newscientist. Eurkalert. Firstscience. CDs and DVDs in the lab JANE edit. DIY LAB SCANNER.

WORKSHOP ON SENSORS. A LOCAL APPROACH. Valencia, 3 October 2007. Final program

Valencian Government Grants the IQMA a research project in chemical warfare agents detection.

Scholarships and contracts of investigation available in the IQMA. Interested send curriculum